Sorry to be the one to tell you, but someday you will be no more.

And that's it, really.


There's no greater statement than to recognize your own mortality. It frees you to live authentically, to be who you want to be. To seize the day. This is the guiding ethos for DUSTED • VISION.


DUSTED • VISION was founded by two opticians in the backroom of a small desert optical shop; both of whom are near-death experience survivors. They wanted to fill a need in the market for organic eyewear designed to accept any prescription and suit almost any face.


Every frame is hewn from organic materials. When it's your time to go, your eyewear last in the soil about as long as your bones do. Your glasses will put a little pep in your own brand of fertilizer, and ensure that less plastic is clogging up our walkways, ditches, trails, and oceans. Please, do your part and leave no trace.